3D Human Turntable

The human turntable at the Dept. of Neurology is a worldwide unique device for basic and applied research. It has been constructed with the financial support of the Koetser Foundation, the Swiss National Science Foundation, as well as the Neurology Department of Zurich University Hospital.

The turntable has 3 fully motorized axis, which are controlled with an Acutrol control system.

Inner Axis Middle Axis Outer Axis
Max. Velocity [deg/s] 400 200 200
Max. Acceleration [deg/s/s] 460 190 90

The minimum velocity is 0.1°/s on all three axes.

HTT-Movie This MPEG-movie shows the Human Turntable in Action! (ca. 13.5 MB)


The turntable allows us to bring subjects in different orientations with respect to gravity ....