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Clinical vestibular testing

Our clinical testing facilities are designed to perform routine diagnositic testing of the entire vestibular system.

The "KIT" room is equipped with a video head impulse device, large coil frame for 3D skeral search coil measurements, fundus photography, Hess test, and the subjective visual vertical test.


The "VOG" room includes a video-oculography device for eye movement measurements, including caloric testing, subjective visual vertical testing, and a ROTUNDUM rotary chair for diagnosing positional vertigo and treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).


The "VEMP" room is where we perform cVEMP and oVEMP measurements, posturography, and the video head impulse test.




Repositioning chair for BPPV. The ROTUNDUM rotary chair is designed for research and treatment of patients with balance disorders. The Swiss Concussion Center and our center received the first two protoypes in fall of 2017.